The heart and soul of every Ted Stevenson guitar is the specially aged and hand selected tone wood used in our no compromise build process. All of our wood is re-dried in our kiln and then allowed to acclimate to real world conditions before we turn it into world class instruments. Neck blanks are given special attention to insure long term stability and expressive, ringing tone.



At Ted Stevenson Guitars we do not believe in rushing a build to get it out the door. Every part is allowed to acclimate in between each and every step resulting in outstanding playability, stability and tone.


Even properly-seasoned wood will move once it is worked on. Allowing it to do this between steps means that we can slowly but surely bring it to its final form in the most accurate manner. The result is an instrument that will perform at its peak for generations.

This attention to detail is evident in every part we make. We make our own truss rods and then install them in a specially cut channel which allows no air gaps. Necks are carefully hand fitted to bodies and we top this off with our custom Pro Lock neck joint which allows no side to side movement, even with the neck screws removed.


Fretwork & Assembly

Each and every Ted Stevenson Guitar represents the pinnacle of fretwork. After our shaped necks have acclimated to shop conditions the fretboard is radiused and precision trued by hand to perfection. A perfectly trued fretboard surface and expertly leveled and polished frets allow the instrument to sing with its true voice, without the hindrances present in lesser instruments. The frets are then carefully installed, glued and allowed to sit before the final fret levelling, crowing and intensive polishing. The result, unsurpassed playability, intonation and tone.


Our final assembly process is equally detailed with a full workday dedicated to carefully installing components, wiring, setting up and testing. Your guitar will arrive to you ready to play without having to bring it to a tech to "get things right". Custom requests for wiring and setup are welcome!



Guitars made with the finest tone woods deserve to be coated with the finest, thinnest, most resonant finishes. Several different finishes are available on Ted Stevenson guitars. 


Our standard finish is polyester, sprayed extremely thin, painstakingly leveled and buffed to a high gloss. Polyester is our toughest finish and is recommended where maximum durability is desired.


For players who need an even thinner finish with only a slight reduction in durability we offer our high end Italian polyurethane finish. This finish is extremely thin and quite durable but will dent easier than polyester. The sanding and buffing process is even more demanding than polyester.


Nitrocellulose is preferred by many vintage guitar fans. Nitro finishes are very susceptible to imprints and heat but the wear patterns are pleasing to many players. It has a softer look than either polyester or polyurethane and will age nicely over time. Nitrocellulose is an optional finish available for an upcharge.


We also offer a thin satin polyurethane finish for bodies. Because this finish requires no sanding or buffing, it is our thinnest finish.


Our standard neck finish is a very thin satin nitrocellulose lacquer. Gloss and oil finishes are also available.